Universal Laws

Two types of laws govern our lives. The first type of laws are man-made. These laws can change over time or from place to place. You could violate these laws and you may or may not get caught. You might speed one day or park illegally and simply not be caught – or you might end up with a ticket.

However, natural laws or Universal Laws are a totally different matter.

Universal Laws can be broken into two categories – physical and mental.

Physical laws, such as gravity or the laws of motion, can be measured and demonstrated in controlled experiments. They also are always in effect. If you jump from a building, you will fall. Whether you know about gravity or not, the effect of this law will be the same. There is no “getting away” with violating these laws.

The second category of Universal Laws are Mental Laws. Unlike physical laws, these Laws cannot be measured in an experiment. They can only be proven by experience. However, just like gravity, they are in effect 100% of the time, whether you know about them or even if you don’t believe in them. Denying gravity will not allow you to float in the air and denying the mental laws will not prevent their impact on your life.

These Universal Laws have been discussed for thousands of years and yet most people are unaware of them. The book and movie, “The Secret” have introduced one of these laws to the world. Our program at Riverbend Academy expands on the information in “The Secret” and introduces our students to other Universal laws. Our students learn about a number of these key laws to help them have a happier, fuller life.

The Laws are not magic but your life works best when you are acting in harmony with the Laws – just like it is easier to push something downhill. And, since the laws are acting whether you are aware of them or not, it is important for our students to learn and understand how all the Laws work. This knowledge becomes the grease to make their lives easier and less stressful at the worst and incredibly successful at the best.

Since the Laws cannot be measured, how do our students recognize if they are working in harmony with the laws? Simple – how well is your life going? The more successful your life, the better in tune you are with your life purpose and the Universal Laws.

It is all about working in concert with the Universal Laws to get the absolute most out of your life.